Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 Days and counting..

I have 10 days to raise $2314 to help benefit the girl being trafficked in India.  Will you please help?  Click on the donate button here to donate.  Make sure you put "Elizabeth's 1/2 marathon" in the notes section so that we can keep a total for my sponsorship.   Will you help by spreading the word and consider sponsoring me for $1/mile, $10/mile, or even $100 per mile.

Here's a cool thought:  I have 409 friends on facebook.  If everyone  of those friends donated $10, ONLY $10, that would be $4000 and would help more than 2 girls be rescued.  Could you donate just $10, please?

click on picture to donate.  Remember put "Elizabeth's 1/2 marathon" in the notes section. 

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Help Rescue girls in India