Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some of the fun we have been having.....

So besides all of us learning a bit from God, we have also been enjoying his creation as well. Perryn has finished T-ball and the next big thing will be swimming lessons for the month of June. Teagan will go the first 2 weeks and Perryn will go the last 2 weeks. I have put ALL of our pictures from this month over on the slideshow and when I can get the slip and slide videos put together, I will post them as well...they are REALLY FUNNY.

Here you can see Perryn and Teagan really enjoying the slip and slide at Grammy and Grandpa Andy's house this past holiday weekend. Neither one of them would run and slide, so Gabe was kind enough to just push them down the slide...I think they ALL loved it. I know they were tired enough to fall asleep on the way home that night. Teagan trying to push Perryn down the slide. heehee
My absolute FAVORITE picture!!!

Teagan had a hard time making it all the way down the slide...the boy is HEAVY!!

Perryn wanted her picture taken on Grammy's bench. Those sunkissed cheeks are from the day before at her t-ball swim party.
With Nana and Big Daddy looking at the fountains at the Round Rock Outlet Mall.

Taking her last at bat.

She really wanted a trophy, but decided the medal was just as good!!

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Kristyn said...

VERY cute pictures!! I used to have a slip-n-slide...but it was just a plain yellow strip. I see they've gotten much fancier! Looks like y'all have been having fun!

Wendi said...

you guys are busy!! very cute indeed.

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