Monday, September 24, 2007

My daughter the 'hairsylist'???

So, I have known growing up all my life that I love to have people play with my hair, it just doesn't happen very often. I keep thinking of the days when Perryn will just sit and play or brush my fun and relaxing that will be.

Well, she is not much of a brusher as she is a hairstylist. She enjoys putting ALL of her hair clips, bows, and whatever else she can find in your hair. Our friend Jenny was the first to be 'styled' when she and her husband were over for Teagan's first birthday party. Here is Jenny's new hairstyle according to Perryn:

Notice the concentration on Perryn's face as she puts the clip in Jenny's hair!!
Jenny being such a good sport!!

The final masterpiece!! Thanks Jenny!!
Well, today I got to be apart of Perryn's hairstyling. As I sat here checking email and blogs, Perryn began to play with my hair. I didn't even look at it until I took the pictures! I apologize if they are too BIG and up close, but one has to do what she can when she is the only adult in the house. Perryn DID all the work herself. She was kind enough to allow me to put the headband in on my own.

She told me I needed some hair bows...I had no idea she put ALL of them in!!!
Such a work of art!!
What can I say? I am speechless, I so enjoyed her just sitting here and playing. I can't wait for more days/evenings where she just wants to hang out with me. I will take advantage of everyone of them!!

A Yellow Wedding Dress

To start at the beginning....we have an historic wedding chapel that is just around the corner from us. Perryn believes it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen and in fact has informed me on several occasions that she wants to get married there. One day as we were passing by the chapel she informed me that she would be getting married soon in a yellow wedding dress. She also informed me that her Maw-maw was going to make it for her. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to call my grandmother and inform her of what all Perryn had said. My grandfather asked what a yellow dress means if a white wedding dress means purity...his means 'caution'!! I think that could be true. I did NOT ask my grandmother to make a yellow wedding dress, but she took it upon her self to make one for her. Maw-maw is an INCREDIBLE seamstress and if I am not mistaken, she did NOT use a pattern for this dress.

Well, we got the 'wedding' dress in the mail today. Perryn was so excited to get it that she couldn't wait to put it on. Here are her 'model' poses. Be careful how close you look at the pictures, you might see her blue Arial panties!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bed Head anyone??

So with Perryn's beautiful red, curly hair, comes problems. IF we do NOT put her hair in pig tails or braids this is what happens.....The sad face is because Gabe just woke her up and she wasn' t happy that he called me in to take her picture! Who would be happy with that first thing in the morning?


So, I am not that big on traditions...and I think that is because we have to be so flexible with Gabe's schedule that it is hard to make a tradition that can stick when it comes to holidays especially. Well, I have decided in the past several months that I am going to keep the tradition that my mother was able to first get established with us. She ALWAYS baked and decorated an elaborate birthday cake for us each year. The only time it was store bought, was if we asked....I don't think any of us did.

Well, I have taken over her creativity in the cake department, and it was easy to start since she gave me 10 of her character cake pans. I started with Perryn's Princess Aurora cake for her birthday and I have just completed my second one for my late friend Dimi's 4th daughter, Jessica. As many of us always know, there are some things of our parents that we just don't want to carry on. Most things can be of the negative....abuse, bad habits, whatever, and sometimes we find that the silly little traditions that we had to do (and probably didn't honestly understand) when we were little are things we aren't going to pass onto our children. But creativity, I LOVE and will work very hard to pass onto my children.

I am so happy that my mother started the tradition of making our birthday cakes and that I have chosen to carry this one on. I love to be creative, from scrapbooking to cake decorating. I find being creative to be the most relaxing and stress reducing thing I can do.
So, thank you Mom, for all your encouragement and knowledge that you are passing on to me that I can use to be creative with cakes like I am with scrapbooks. Thank you for your advice and your wisdom. I love you.

An Update

So it dawned on me that I keep forgetting to update the blog so that you all know what is going on in our lives!! OOPS! Sorry.

First off, we are all healthy and doing well. Gabe is still working the 3p-11p shift Mon-Fri, somewhat of a more normal schedule than before. He is doing better as far his health is concerned, though he is still have quite of bit of back pain. He is still getting his injections, and that seems to be helping. He is also feeling called that we need to move back to the Austin area. He is currently putting in applications around the city and even some in North San Antonio. Please for him that God will provide the position that He desires Gabe to have that will allow us to all move back home closer to family.

Miss Perryn: What is there to say about Perryn other than, she is a sponge in her learning. She wants to go to school so bad, that we have done some home schooling - preschool/MDO - style. I am not pressuring her to do school in any way and what started off as a planned schedule, has quickly not happened other than the first week. She is learning and loving life. She comes up with the most creative sayings and is the friendliest girl around. She invites EVERYONE she meets to our house for dinner and playtime. She is quick witted and smiles a mile wide!! Her latest activity is collecting rocks to paint!! She truly is a blessing. Please pray for her that she grows into the young lady that God desires, and that she continues to be the friendly, outgoing, loving, little girl that she is.

Mr. Teagan: Teagan is growing more and more each day trying to catch up to Perryn. He enjoys her baby stroller, taking the babies for walks, wrestling, and tickling! He is getting better with his sign language and with his words. Trying ever so slightly to say a new one every so often. The newest one is 'blue'. I think I caught him trying to say 'marker' today. He is battling a pretty good case of eczema, so we have an appointment with an allergist on Friday. Please pray for his healing, and that he will grow into the man that God desires him to be.

Elizabeth: Well, I am busy, busy, busy. I am working part time at our church as the Assistant Coordinator for Paid Events. The children and I are at church Wed, Thurs, and Sat right now on top of when we attend on Sunday evening. I am part of the leadership team for our Recovery ministry. I also pick up a shift here and there at our gym. I am truly blessed to have to places that work with me, my children, and our crazy schedule to work when I can. I am also finding myself struggling to be the wife and mother that God desires me to be. Please pray for me in this area.

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