Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lifestyle change

So, my sister wants me to blog about how I've lost 13.4 lbs in 2 months, so here goes....

I started my journey to lose 21 lbs on Dec 19th.  I started logging my food and exercising.  Along the way, I've had some of my stomach issues flare up, so it was a good thing that I had started keeping a log to see if there were any connections...Here are a few more changes in my eating habits that I made:

  • We started eating out LESS, but when we do, I'm SMART about the choices that I make.
  • I switched from chips and guacamole to pita chips & hummus.
  • I switched from regular cheese to 2% cheese.
  • I switched from Regular Jiff Peanut Butter to Simply Jiff.
  • I ONLY eat when I'm hungry and before I put food in my mouth, I drink some water to make sure that I'm really hungry and not just thirsty.  
  • I stay within my allotted calorie budget according to Lose
  • I don't eat past 7pm.
  • When I snack, I make smart snack 100 calorie snacks
  • I'm keeping variety in my diet, so I don't get bored.
  • I'm still eating candy, BUT I'm eating DOVE chocolates that are 5 pieces for 210 calories..I very RARELY eat all 5 pieces and I usually eat them throughout the day, not all at one time.
I've also switched workout routines...I was using P90X, but I was struggling with time...Each workout is between 60 - 90 minutes each, and I wasn't getting as much accomplished as I needed to before my kids came home from school.  So, I'm doing the 10-minute Trainer workouts from Beachbody.  Depending on my day I can do 1, 2, or 3 workouts every morning.  I usually do 2 workouts, it takes about 30 minutes due to a 2 min warm up 20 minutes for exercising, and then about 5 min for MY body to finally cool down.  I'm burning the same amount of calories as I was in P90X, but my time is being used more efficiently.  I LOVE IT!!  I did splurge and get the Accelerated Results add on, and I can tell a difference.

I'm still struggling to eat the calories that I'm burning off in my workouts, but I've learned that I'm not on a DIET, I'm learning a NEW LIFESTYLE.   So, as I continue on this journey, I'll try to keep a more updated report as to how I'm doing.  Until then, know that I'm loving the new habits that I am incorporating to my life and pray that they will continue with me for a long time to come.

P.S. I'm going to have to go to the Salvation Army store soon to get some new cheap clothes that will fit until I finish my 10 minute trainer 4 week regiment...

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