Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The butterflies

First off, I am SO SORRY that I haven't gotten these pictures up sooner. It's been a crazy few days and my card business is now working on a small wait list with lots of stuff still to do.

Anyways, Perryn has been asking if we could get some caterpillars and watch them grow into butterflies. My aunt has a passion vine that caterpillars just LOVE, so she snagged us a couple of caterpillars. However, they made their chrysalis before we could get down to pick them up, Anne was kind of enough to take Perryn out and find 3 more caterpillars for us to bring home and watch them turn into butterflies.

Well, we have watched 3 butterflies hatch (one that was already in a chrsysalis and 2 of the caterpillars that we brought home). We still have a small caterpillar that is working to grow and turn into a butterfly, but I am not sure that he will make it...we will just have to see.

Since we have so many pictures, I decided to make a slide show, enjoy all the pictures. They sure are fun to see what God can do with a little caterpillar. And for all of you wondering, yes we lost all of our fish about 6 weeks ago, so we used the empty tank to house the caterpillars!!

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Laura said...

So beautiful..great lessons to be teaching your kids! Your button is great!

Wendi said...

those are totally cool! I did not imagine they would be so neat when you first showed them to me, but look at that! I especially love the pic of the two hanging down and the red butterfly. did you just take them outside afterward?

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