Tuesday, October 28, 2008

String of Pearls prayers

UPDATE: I have posted the announcements that I made for this family on my Card Blog. Please go check them out!

For those of you who have been following my business, you know that I teamed up with an organization called String of Pearls a couple months back. I have been working on a set of announcements for a family that was praying that their daughter would make it to term, but knew that God always had a plan for them. I got word tonight, that their daughter, Savannah, was born unexpectedly today. Please pray for this family as Savannah came 4 months early and because of her condition, joined Jesus today as well. Her mom, Christina is seriously ill. I am hoping to get her announcements in the mail by Friday. You can check in on this family here. Thanks.

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Vanessa said...

My prayers are with this family as they embrace the loss of their sweet angel. May the Lord give them the comfort and peace they need in this difficult time!

I'm going to check out this organization and your business as well. I have a friend who just had her sweet baby 16 weeks premature and she's in the hospital right now. You can chekc her out at hopeforlydia.blogspot.com Please stop by and say a prayer for this family as well! THANKS

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

'Gulp'... I am so sorry to hear this... I know her condition wasn't favorable for a positive outcome... but it still doesn't change the feeling of sadness when it becomes reality, ya know? Elizabeth, I think it is such a wonderful ministry you are doing through String of Pearls... I will have to do some looking into this, as well... Reading this post tonight, has really pulled on my heartstrings... ;) Catch you later...

Wendi said...

still thinking about this precious child and her grieving parents.

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