Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 1 Day2 Rundown

Here's my plan.  According to Lose It! I can consume 1442 calories each day to lose the weight that I want to, so my goal is to see how many calories I can counteract with working out.  It's a game (I'm a bit competitive) I'm playing with myself.   I'm working out twice a day, in the morning I'm doing my P90X Lean Routines and then in the afternoons I walk or do my Couch to 5K running while my kids ride their new scooters.  I'm alternating them every other day.

So here are my totals for today:
Calories allowed: 1443
Calories consumed: 1278
Calories burned: 698*

Here's what I decided a few months back when I tried before to lose weight and kept getting frustrated.  Instead of having the goal to lose 20lbs, I'm taking them 5lbs at a time.  So my first goal is to go from 171.4lbs to 165lbs.  This way I'm feeling more success on the way.  Hope that makes sense.

*These are ONLY the calories that I am burning while doing exercise. 

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