Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family update:

My friend Wendi, just reminded me that I never gave an update as to our week last week. The funeral was nice, we got to see quite a few people that we grew up with, teachers and friends, and that was good. Gabe's grandmother came through her minor surgery nicely; however, I found out last night she needs to have another minor surgery on Monday. I don't have any other details other than that.

The children both have nice coughs, we are suspecting they caught bronchitis from the nursing home when we went to say good-bye to Andy's mom last week. I caught food poisoning Thursday from a BBQ place here in Round Rock, which has resulted in my reflux that I battled 5 years ago to making a comeback. Hopefully, it's a short one and not another endurance race again. Although, that is when I lost the most weight and I still need to lose another 15-20 pounds of Perryn baby weight, but I would like to not lose it with the strand of reflux that I have....not pretty worshiping that porcelain god each night. Gabe has bronchitis as well, and is also battling a migraine. His mom came and helped for a couple of hours yesterday so that we could get him the medicine he needed to get it under control. For that, I am thankful we live so close.

That's it for now.....please pray for Teagan and his potty training...we aren't having much success and I don't remember much about Perryn's potty training, but it seemed to be a bit easier......hmmm any suggestions?? Perryn and Teagan also have their yearly check-ups tomorrow, so we will see what's up with these coughs and how much of a difference there really is between them in weight and height....I predict its not more than an inch or two, and a couple of pounds!!! I will try to get some fun pictures up in the next day or so....Perryn has a new friend....that's all I'm saying for now...heehee

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