Thursday, May 1, 2008

Elizabeth's Top 5 Things:

1. 5 Things I Couldn't Live Without for Under $5
-Hand sanitizer
-sonic/chick fil a tea with lemon

2. 5 Favorite Movies
-Polar Express
-13 Going on 30
-Ever After

3. 5 Baby Names I Love But Won't Use

4. 5 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over Again
-Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) by Chris Tomlin
-Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman
-Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner
-Your Man by Josh Turner
-Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

5. 5 People Who Have Influenced My Life In A Positive Way
-My Husband
-My Parents
-My Grandparents
-Shannon, Kecia, & all my friends at The Village Church

6. 5 Things That Stay In My Purse At All Times
-Hand Sanitizer
-Cake portfolio
-Cake/Craft business cards

7. 5 Moments That Have Changed My Life Forever
-Becoming a Christian
-Recovery @ The Village
-Moving to Lewisville/Dallas
-Getting Married
-Becoming a mom

8. 5 Obessions I Have Right Now
-Getting birth announcements done for friends as gifts
-potty training Teagan
-Finding a church
-Other scrapbooking creations for my business

9. 5 Places I Would Like To Go
-New York City

10. 5 People I Would Like To See Their Top Five
-Shannon Johnson
-Caroline Mays
-Lauren Chandler
-Keri Campbell
-Kristyn Hollman

**On a side note: Perryn and Teagan had their well appointments today.....Perryn is weighing in at 36lbs and is 40in tall, she also got 3 shots today. Teagan is weighing in at 32lbs and is 37in tall, and he got 1 shot today. It's been an interesting day!!

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Wendi said...

couldn't help but notice you're looking for a church...have you tried yet? They're in the same network as The Village, so it might be right up your alley...we've looked at them as a possibility in case we ever move, too...never actually visited, though.

Shannon J said...

Hey you! :) I see you tagged me.... ;) I'll get it done in the next few days... I've got some creating to do this weekend... and maybe an estate sale to to see your creativity... !;)

Elizabeth Engelhardt Cakes and Crafts said...


The Mays Family said...

Hey why is Scotland not on your top 5 list (ha ha). This was fun to read. Miss you, sound like everything is good at your end, I am so glad things are going well. Love you

Mrs. Baublet said...

I'm totally with you there on the chapstick - can't leave home without it!

The Mays Family said...

HEy I still have not gotten around to doing my fav 5 list but I will, I promise.

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