Monday, June 16, 2008

A day behind..oops

So, I tried to write this post a few times yesterday; however, Google would not cooperate and load the pictures for me....No more excuses, this is a tribute to my great husband and the father of my children...

I can't believe that we have been married 11 years and have been together for 13 total. That truly amazes me. True, every day is not 'easy breezy', but I wouldn't trade the last 11 years of marriage for anything. Thank you so much for taking care of me and providing for us. I love your great singing voice, your strength, your leadership, your passion for things, and most of all I love you for who you are.

Who knew that 4 and half years ago we would have started a family with a fiery red head in so many sense of the words. She can challenge us, make us laugh, and has a heart of gold. She loves you like nobody's business. You are her hero as you are mine. Thank you for her and I pray that we can mold her into the princess, wife, and mother that God wants us to.

Thank you for this tough as nails little boy. I know that he can get a whine in like girl, but he truly is all boy. Thank you for showing him what it means to be a good father and husband. I hope that you will be able to 'hold your own' and not get any more concussions from him. He loves to play rough with you. When you walk into the room, he lights up. He asks about you multiple times a night when you are away at work. Thank you for all that you are doing for us. For supporting us, for making to where I don't have to work and for supporting me in my card business. Good luck on your test. I know that you are going to nail it!!

Happy Father's Day!!

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Wendi said...

that is so sweet...great reminders of thankfulness.

thank you for the kind words on my post...I understand the struggle with 'needing others' as it runs deep in my side of the family (actually, for most of them, it is more like a curse), but's hard to open hearts, so thank you.

Tip Junkie said...

I had a terrible time uploading pictures too. Soo frusterating!

Looks like you had such a fun day and a wonderful man.

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