Monday, June 30, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

I know I haven't updated here in a while and I will be updating you in 'movie' form in the next day or so....I will do it before 4th of July, because that will be a whole new movie :o). Anyways, I found a new blog to read from my friend Angel. As if her blog wasn't inspiring enough, she posted about a friend she has that lost her son to adrenocortical carcinoma - a very rare and aggressive cancer when he was 6. Her name is Heather, and it took a lot for me to go check out her blog and I am not sure why. It may have something to do with fear in losing my children...who in all honesty are NOT mine, they are God's. Please go check out Heather's blog and see why she is such and inspiration...her FAITH is HUGE. I will be checking in on her blog regularly now.

Heather has this movie posted and her own comments about it.....I have copied both the movie and some of her comments below. She so eloquently wrote them and they really spoke to me. Here's my question, What does your cardboard testimony say? I will let you know when I can get mine figured out....

We all have problems in this life . . . bad choices we've made, hard times, sadness, pain, anger, sickness, death. But how amazing that God loves us through it all. He forgives. He turns our life around. He takes our broken lives and makes us whole again. He takes our trials and uses them to help others and bring glory to Him. He pours His grace on us everyday. He gives us the strength to persevere. He gives us peace when we don't understand. He gives us hope of eternal life with Him! All we have to do is TRUST . . .

But trusting God is not always easy - and I struggle with letting go and surrendering to His will everyday. Don't we all like to be in control? But I think God understands that struggle and even though we may have trouble letting go - he never does. He never lets go of us!

Trusting God does not mean we will have a perfect life. Trusting God is knowing that no matter what we face in this life, God will be with us . . . loving us. Trusting God is understanding that this life is not our home . . . Heaven is. Trusting God is praying and talking to Him not only when we have a bad day - but EVERYDAY. Trusting God is turning our anger into forgiveness, our hate into love, our fears into faith, our weakness into strength, our despair into hope and our grief into joy. Trusting God is knowing that we are not perfect but God loves us anyway. Trusting God is knowing that God's arms are always wide open - waiting for us to run into them. Trusting God is trying our best to live in His image. Trusting God is surrendering your will. Trusting God is always being thankful. Trusting God is knowing that all things are possible through Him. Trusting God is hard! *Posted by Heather

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Shannon J (Faith & Chocolate) said...

AMEN! It is hard, especially when we have a certain way we want things to end up... but that's just not how HE intended it. It's nice to have friends and family strong and rooted in the Lord, to help remind each other and support each other when such hard times hit.
Thank you for sharing, sweetie!

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