Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our weekend at the Ranch

So, I've been extremely busy with my little card business over the last few week. Please go check it out and see what all I've been up to, hence why I've not blogged much. But here it goes for our fun weekend.

Gabe was on call on Saturday and worked on Sunday, so he couldn't go with us. The children and I loaded up and road to Burnet with my parents. It's about a 30-45 min trip from our apartment in Round Rock. We got there just in time to change clothes and head over to the wedding. The wedding was supposed to start at 7pm, but we had a small 10-15 min rain delay!!

Once the shower passed, we were able to dry our seats and the wedding got under way. There was only one other small delay in that we were waiting on Jessica, but the rain was still over the barn where she and the wagon were. The rain sure did make for a memorable wedding!!!

After the wedding we headed to the Fair Barn for the reception. Perryn and Teagan were up 4 hours PASSED their bedtime, which made for a hard Sunday. (On a side note: most children who go to bed TOO late, sleep late right? Not mine...they were up at 7 AM and had both been up once during the night too!!!!) We went had brunch with the family at Highlanders, then back up to the ranch to help feed the horses and get a chance to ride one. Perryn got to go first which made for a nice fit from Teagan. But he was excited to be distracted with picking up rocks!!??!!

We got to each lunch with Uncle Mo, Annie Bell, and Glenna Bell. Jessica and Kyle came for a short visit and then we left at about 3. Teagan was asleep before we had the truck packed to come back and Perryn was asleep before we were out of town!! We were ALL asleep by 9pm that night!!!

Here are my favorite pictures from the weekend and then there are more in the slideshow to the right. I also put in some of our other summer fun in the slide show too. Enjoy!!

Teagan soaking wet after the rain delay!!!
Perryn worried about more rain!!

Big Daddy and Teagan talking to Cody.

Perryn and Cody

Teagan and Cody

Cody and Jessica

Crashed on the way back to Round Rock.

Can't get the video to upload...maybe another day!!!

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