Monday, August 25, 2008

Our weekend part 1

Ok, so I have some really good pictures and stories to tell about our trip to the family ranch in Burnet, but I have NO TIME to post right now. My dad; however, has just started a blog...not sure where the world is going when my parents join face book and now my dad has a blog....Anyways, go check out his bl0g to see some teaser pictures. I promise as soon as I get this announcment order finished and before I start my next order I will post about the great wedding out at the ranch.

Til then....

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Whittemore Family said...

Elizabeth, you have a face book page too? I do also. Some of my girlfriends talked me into it this week. Mine is under my name Michelle Whittemore add me to your friends!!!! I love chatting with you!!!! I am using those cards that you made for me like crazy. My mom came and "stole" a couple from me. Sassy Mom!!!!!

Take care. Your family is soooo beautiful!!!!

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