Saturday, December 6, 2008

An update and a VERY worthy raffle!!

So, it's been a bit busy around this week as I took on a FULL time position with the Preschool that I have been working as a Substitute for. God's hands have been ALL over this job and He made it CRYSTAL clear that He wanted me to go full time. I am going to be able to still take a week off and a few days to move to our new apartment, but the BEST part is that we can STILL go help with the Food Pantry in Giddings EVERY month!! God is SO GOOD!!

We are continuing to praise His name this Holiday season as we look for the REAL meaning of Christmas. It's about helping those in need, supporting worthy causes, and it's about JESUS. For that I am going to start posting (as much as I can) some worthy causes that we are supporting this Christmas whether we do it monetarily or through prayer. The first one is CLOSE to my heart as I work with one of the beneficiary's side by side to help families who all of the sudden have had the hope taken out of their pregnancies.

MckMama is hosting a raffle over on her blog to help 3 special charities, String of Pearls, No Hands but Ours, and The Elison Project. I am COMPLETELY amazed that right now the raffle has earned over $9600!!! I think it might be because the item everyone is trying win is a Cannon Digital Camera with a lens, bag, and strap. Please head over the MckMama's blog to check out the raffle and enter in for a chance to win, but more importantly to support these great causes this holiday season!!!

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Wendi said...

this is cool! glad to hear you're at peace with work and they're being so flexible.

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