Monday, December 29, 2008

URGENT Prayer Requests:

The holiday season as wonderful as it is when it comes to being with family and friends, remembering that very first Christmas, does have some difficult times for some families that have been struggling a bit throughout the year. Please pray for these following families as they are leaning not on their own understanding, but God's.

MckMama and family: As many of you may remember her son, Stellan, had heart failure while he was still in utero. He was born healthy and has a great 8 weeks, but now he is battling a SEVERE case of RSV. He is on the edge of needing to put on a ventilator and is in the Pediatric ICU for the next 7-10 days! Will you please pray with me for Stellan's healing, especially tonight, and that he would not need to be put on a ventilator to help him breathe.

The Riggs Family: Abby is about to turn a sweet 4 years old is battling leukemia. This girl is a fighter, but her fight is long from being over and she continues to have SEVER side effects from her chemo treatments. The next few rounds are going to be the roughest on her little body. (I just realized today that Perryn is just over a year older than Abby.) Please pray for her healing and that she will be able to tolerate the chemo.

Chad and Nicole: I recently found Nicole's blog through my friend Laura over at String of Pearls. Their baby Dylan was born yesterday with Trisomy 18 and lived a perfect 7 hours. Please pray for their healing during this time of grief that they are experiencing. Please pray for the hands of God to be on them right now.

The Burrell Family: Many of you may remember that my first String of Pearls order was for this sweet and precious family as they celebrated the life of their precious little girl, Savannah. I check in on Christina every so often, and she is really struggling with not having her baby here with her right now. She trusts in God, but He is feeling far away from her right now. Please pray for this family as they continue to work through their grief!!

Thank you so much for praying for these families.

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Wendi said...

Thank you for thinking of others...can't wait to hear more about your move. Praying with you, my friend. (know I've been VERY absent...just family life, holidays, and such). hope all goes well today.

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