Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A 'forced' vacation

So I have been 'put on vacation'. To some it wouldn't be such a bad thing, but for me, I feel like I needed to plan more and I feel like my room is quite ready for me to be gone ALL week!!

For his 3rd birthday, my sweet boy got another gift from our party venue, an infection of hospital grade! Evidently it's going around, and when I stopped by to let them know about it, they didn't seem all that concerned or interested in cleaning their playscape....not sure we will be going back.

Now that we know what our sweet boy has, we have to stay 'quarantined' til at least Friday and pray that he does NOT get any worse. He does NOT act sick other than crying at the DROP of a hat. He is on a potent antibiotic every 8 hours, for the next 10 days. ALL of us get to put an antibiotic ointment in our noses twice a day for the next 3 WEEKS!! So for my 'unplanned' forced vacation, I will be cleaning my apartment like nobody's business, getting back into my running regiment..slowly, and trying to rest as best I can with the extra bathing and laundry I have to do EVERYDAY!

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