Saturday, April 11, 2009

Teagan's 3rd birthday

I can't believe I have been so busy that I haven't been able to post a blog!! Yikes!! Sorry!! So here's our family update from the last 6 weeks.

March: Gabe had his 33rd birthday, I had my 32nd birthday, and we celebrated our 12th anniversary. I got a 'promotion' at work. Basically, I got some added responsibilities to see if I have the leadership qualities to possibly get into an administrative role within my company.

April: Gabe had shoulder surgery on his left shoulder and will be back to work on Monday. Teagan has turned 3!! I am being recognized as "Teacher of the Month" out of ALL 18 schools that are within my company!! Right now Teagan might also have a staff infection on his side. He has lots of blister type things all over his right side and they seem to be spreading. He is on a topical antibiotic, doesn't seem to be itching them, and we will know something definitive on Monday. We are also planning on going camping at the end of the month with Gabe's mom, as well, as celebrating my grandparents 60th anniversary. It will be another busy month and I would like to figure out how to start running again in the midst of it!

Here are some of Teagan's birthday pictures from his party!! Enjoy and just look at how big he is getting!!

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