Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Countdown begins.....

There are so many things that we are in the countdown for....

  • I get to deliver not one, but 2 cakes for foster children Aug 2 and Aug 5th!!  (5 and 7 days away)
  • We get to go to a wedding reception for our Children's pastor on Aug 13. (16 days away)
  • Perryn starts 1st grade at Star Charter on Aug 23. (26 days away)

But the MOST important and the MOST fun things to begin our countdown are:
  • The T4A Conference.  What's that you haven't heard of T4A?  Well, you must have been under a rock...It's the Together 4 Adoption Conference on Oct 1st and 2nd here in Austin!! We can't WAIT!!!  Gabe and I are looking forward to finding out more information on how we can help and how we can begin our adoption journey.   (65 days away)
  • I am also looking forward to meeting LOTS of my newest and bestest friends, the Warrior Girls.  These girls are such an encouragement to me, even on my 'best' days.  They know how to help me see what God has in store for me and for those less fortunate. (65 days away)
  • I'm running the Chosen Adoption 1/2 Marathon on Oct23rd!!!   (86 days away)
  • But the MOST IMPORTANT count down, is that I will be launching something EXTRA SPECIAL, in just 4 DAYS!!!  You're going to have to hold on and keep checking back, because I'm MIGHT give you a SNEAK PEEK over the next 4 days as to what will be happening on Aug 1st!!! 

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