Friday, March 18, 2011

It's my birthday and this is what I want.....

Today I turn 34 which means I've been:

  • a daughter for 34 years
  • a big sister for 30 years
  • a wife for 14 years
  • a mom for 7 years
  • and a fighter for what's right...well I'm still new at this one, so it's probably been 9 months.
Human trafficking is close to my heart, I probably don't fight for it as loud as I should, but I do think about the 'what ifs'.  What if it was MY daughter, what if it was MY niece...what if's can go all day long. But action speaks louder than words.

So for my birthday, I would like to see how much money we can raise to fight human trafficking.  Please click on the button and donate $5 and I will send YOU a gift, you just have to tell what kind.

Thanks for helping me fight for those who have no voice or freedom.*

*All money raised will go to Children's HopeChest and they will put it to good use in India.*

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Layla Payton said...

Happy birthday to one of my MOST favorite people on this planet! I love you, my sweet Texan sis. <3


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