Friday, February 11, 2011


I LOVE how people come together to help those that they don't even know!!  What's better, is I LOVE seeing God's hand orchestrating it!!  After I published the most recent Burrell fundraising delivery blog (See it here), I was approached my one of our cousins (by marriage) about her wanting to donate something that is super cute for Emma's adoption fund.  I can't even believe it.  Kim makes some REALLY CUTE things for little girls and she wants us to auction off this - the tutu and leg warmers- It's value is $25.  

Here's how the auction is going to work.  Make your bid in the comments section over at Elizabeth Engelhardt Creations and help us raise money for Emma Charity's adoption fund.  The auction will go until 10pm on Friday, February 18th.  On Saturday, I will post the winner.  They will have 24hours to make their payment via paypal.  Please help spread the word & let's see how much money we can raise to bring home Emma Charity.

Help Rescue girls in India