Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So my friend Angel has issued a "GET REAL CHALLENGE" for us to get real with what is really going on in our lives...NO SUGAR COATING!! Here it goes.

I have struggled with my co-dependence today. I have a friend who lives far a way from me that I got to visit with just a bit, but I have always struggled with our friendship. I have always felt like I have 'chased' her to get her to like me. Our visit was good, and I prayed before our visit that I would keep my expectations in check and not 'fall' all over her in order for our visit to be a good one.

I had a good visit with a new 'old' friend today that I have recently been able to reconnect with. We weren't very close 10 years ago when I lived here, but we are slowly getting a bit closer and more honest with each other. She and her family have welcomed us back 'home' like the prodigal children that we were and it has been great. I am sad that we don't get to see everyone as often as I would like to.

I am struggling with not living back in Lewisville and being able to show up at my friend Shannon's house to give her a GREAT BIG HUG, because she really needs one right now...I miss her and Kecia SO MUCH!!

I am nervous (way nervous) about my little craft business. I am afraid that the people who have inquired about orders aren't going to follow through, I am afraid that the people that I have given sweet gifts to will not pass out my cards and/or not come back and order anything from me. I am seriously lacking the FAITH I need to have that GOD is going to do something really BIG that only HE can take credit for.
Our budget is WAY TOO tight for my comfort right now. I am struggling with prioritizing what we need to take care of first with this stimulus check. I am a tiny bit worried as to whether or not my husband passed his new registry test last week.

I am working on NOT yelling so much at my children and I do pretty good about 50-70% of the time, but there are days that I put them to bed at 7:30 so that I don't pull out my hair. I sometimes feel that we will NEVER get a house, that we will ALWAYS live in an apartment that is too small for us. I am afraid that God will not want us to adopt or if He does, that we won't have the money to do it. I am afraid that if we add to our family, I won't be able to do the crafts that I want to. I am worried that I may fail my children if I home school them, and not only in the sense that we won't stay on top of our studies....I am doing good to keep the house picked up, I get overwhelmed sometimes with my TWO kids, but when I go for a workout at the gym or walking on the trails...everything seems to stay manageable.
Ok, so I think that is everything for today...Please go over to Angel's blog and link up and GET REAL with us today. Blessings.

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Kristyn said...

Thanks for sharing your heart, and your honesty. You're not alone in your struggles. :)

Angel said...

We have ALL been there. Thanks for gettin real with us. Like I said- 3 kids is kickin my tush. I could never consider running a business right now. It's awesome you are giving it a whirl. Hopefully the RLC mall will cook up lots of great business for ya. :0) HUGS!! Angel

Cynthia said...

I took the challenge sis! I love you a lot, and am so blessed to have a sister who desires to become more like Christ, and encourages others to do the same! You Rock!


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