Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our 4th of July Fun....

So we had a FULL week of celebrating 4th of July. In the middle of the week, we went down to my grandmother's house in South Austin. Perryn and Teagan really had fun in the 'Kiddie' Pool that we put in her backyard.

On Friday, we showed up at Gabe's mom's house bright and early so that we could be part of the parade. I took way too many pictures, but I thought they would be fun to share all the parts of the parade. We went back to Elaine's house for some great slip and slide fun, fried chicken for lunch, relaxing afternoon, cheeseburgers from the grill, and then walked up to the town football field to hang out and watch the fireworks. It was a GREAT, but VERY tiring day. Enjoy our pictures!!

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lauren w said...

how are kids so tough? if i bellyflopped into a 2inch pool i would surley die!

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