Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deer vs. Kia Rio

Kia Rio 1...............Deer 0

Last night, we were up in Burnet visiting some family on their ranch for the afternoon and then stopped off in Bertram to attend VBS with Gabe's mom. We stopped by her house on our way home in Liberty Hill to put pajamas on and have a snack.

On our way home, a deer decided to run out in front of our car. There were about 4-6 of them running across the road. I saw some movement out of the corner of so I slowed down a bit more as I approached the light and out of nowhere....this deer was in front of the car and there was nothing I could do but hit it!! Perryn asked me what the loud noise was, and I had to inform her we had just hit a deer!!

We pulled into the Target parking lot where I called Gabe and then my dad. Checked out the damage and then called the police to make sure no one else ran over the deer that we just hit.

Perryn was so funny, because when she went down with Gabe to get his stuff out of the truck last night she saw the damage and wanted to know what happened to 'her' car. Silly girl.

Here's the damage. It could have been MUCH worse than it is, and the children and I are all ok.

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Paul and Cynthia Coppinger said...

I am so glad that y'all are okay! I love you!

Casey said...

Good to hear y'all are okay! Wrecks are scary, small and big ones.

Shannon J (Faith & Chocolate) said...

YIKES! Glad you are all okay... and the car for the most part... my mom totaled my Mustang back in high school by hitting a deer! And then there was that cow my aunt hit with the car I got after it was totaled (my dad hit the dent out, put a new bumper, and it was good to go to college in! lol)
I know we have catching up to do... i've got over 1,000 emails to go through... that yahoo group that has me set on individual emails rather than daily digest!
Love ya!

Faithful Froggers said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am so glad everyone is safe - it is always scary having an accident. My dad hit a deer many years ago - driving about 50MPH. We had to replace the whole hood of the car! :) Those deer can be dangerous!

Have a great week!

christa said...

You killed Bambi.....Ohhh so sad. I can't believe Peryn forgot anything she is so full of information! We miss her spunk!

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