Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Friends

So, a few months ago I made a new friend in Rachel. She used to teach with my mom in Taylor and she and I hit off right away. We have been hanging out and texting often (except this week since school started...she's ignoring me :P). Anyways she was kind enough to give me this:

Well today, I got a wonderful surprise package in the mail from my friend Wendi. When we were younger (11 years ago) her and her husband, and me and Gabe would hang out and do some fun stuff together. We lost touch when we moved to Dallas and they moved to Seattle. Then about 6 years ago we found them in a Home Depot in Lewisville....go figure that one out all GOD. We got to hang out again, but then lost touch a little bit again when they moved to Sugarland. But now that we are in Round Rock, and we have gotten to see them 3 times in about 4 months...I know we are very special!!! In fact, this last time Wendi and the kids got to spend about 8 hours with us. So we had 6 children UNDER the age of 5 in my tiny little apartment. All the kids did great and we even took them swimming. It took me until Thursday to get the apt back together, but that's only because I just ignored the mess...heehee.

Well, Wendi surprised me today with a package in the mail. In fact, I was so surprised that we even had a package I opened it in the apartment office. Look what I found inside:

I know...what your thinking...why am I so excited to get this stuff!?! Well, first of's fun new stuff to play with and to help make my card business better!!! Second, because it is such a sweet thank you from an old friend that I wish I was able to be closer with!! I think my favorite part of the whole box is in the lower left portion of the's a fun little digital picture sphere....I am just sad that I don't think I have any triple a batteries...oh well...i will get it to work soon....maybe even before taco night tomorrow!!!

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The Grahams said...

Hey thanks for the encouragement!...and humor!! Ha,Ha!

Wendi said...

So glad you were surprised. I just couldn't wait to drive it to you, and since I like getting personal mail, I figure most people do. I'm just happy that someone is able to get use of out it and that it's for a great cause. Enjoyed the visit!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Wow! Look at all the creative goodness! That's so fun... ;)
I know you called.. and we need to talk... ;) Try and catch me! LOL just kidding...
I'll be going to WOF in Denver on the 18th with my sis. And it's nutty crazy around here!
Love ya,

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