Monday, September 24, 2007

A Yellow Wedding Dress

To start at the beginning....we have an historic wedding chapel that is just around the corner from us. Perryn believes it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen and in fact has informed me on several occasions that she wants to get married there. One day as we were passing by the chapel she informed me that she would be getting married soon in a yellow wedding dress. She also informed me that her Maw-maw was going to make it for her. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to call my grandmother and inform her of what all Perryn had said. My grandfather asked what a yellow dress means if a white wedding dress means purity...his means 'caution'!! I think that could be true. I did NOT ask my grandmother to make a yellow wedding dress, but she took it upon her self to make one for her. Maw-maw is an INCREDIBLE seamstress and if I am not mistaken, she did NOT use a pattern for this dress.

Well, we got the 'wedding' dress in the mail today. Perryn was so excited to get it that she couldn't wait to put it on. Here are her 'model' poses. Be careful how close you look at the pictures, you might see her blue Arial panties!

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