Monday, September 24, 2007

My daughter the 'hairsylist'???

So, I have known growing up all my life that I love to have people play with my hair, it just doesn't happen very often. I keep thinking of the days when Perryn will just sit and play or brush my fun and relaxing that will be.

Well, she is not much of a brusher as she is a hairstylist. She enjoys putting ALL of her hair clips, bows, and whatever else she can find in your hair. Our friend Jenny was the first to be 'styled' when she and her husband were over for Teagan's first birthday party. Here is Jenny's new hairstyle according to Perryn:

Notice the concentration on Perryn's face as she puts the clip in Jenny's hair!!
Jenny being such a good sport!!

The final masterpiece!! Thanks Jenny!!
Well, today I got to be apart of Perryn's hairstyling. As I sat here checking email and blogs, Perryn began to play with my hair. I didn't even look at it until I took the pictures! I apologize if they are too BIG and up close, but one has to do what she can when she is the only adult in the house. Perryn DID all the work herself. She was kind enough to allow me to put the headband in on my own.

She told me I needed some hair bows...I had no idea she put ALL of them in!!!
Such a work of art!!
What can I say? I am speechless, I so enjoyed her just sitting here and playing. I can't wait for more days/evenings where she just wants to hang out with me. I will take advantage of everyone of them!!

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