Sunday, September 23, 2007

An Update

So it dawned on me that I keep forgetting to update the blog so that you all know what is going on in our lives!! OOPS! Sorry.

First off, we are all healthy and doing well. Gabe is still working the 3p-11p shift Mon-Fri, somewhat of a more normal schedule than before. He is doing better as far his health is concerned, though he is still have quite of bit of back pain. He is still getting his injections, and that seems to be helping. He is also feeling called that we need to move back to the Austin area. He is currently putting in applications around the city and even some in North San Antonio. Please for him that God will provide the position that He desires Gabe to have that will allow us to all move back home closer to family.

Miss Perryn: What is there to say about Perryn other than, she is a sponge in her learning. She wants to go to school so bad, that we have done some home schooling - preschool/MDO - style. I am not pressuring her to do school in any way and what started off as a planned schedule, has quickly not happened other than the first week. She is learning and loving life. She comes up with the most creative sayings and is the friendliest girl around. She invites EVERYONE she meets to our house for dinner and playtime. She is quick witted and smiles a mile wide!! Her latest activity is collecting rocks to paint!! She truly is a blessing. Please pray for her that she grows into the young lady that God desires, and that she continues to be the friendly, outgoing, loving, little girl that she is.

Mr. Teagan: Teagan is growing more and more each day trying to catch up to Perryn. He enjoys her baby stroller, taking the babies for walks, wrestling, and tickling! He is getting better with his sign language and with his words. Trying ever so slightly to say a new one every so often. The newest one is 'blue'. I think I caught him trying to say 'marker' today. He is battling a pretty good case of eczema, so we have an appointment with an allergist on Friday. Please pray for his healing, and that he will grow into the man that God desires him to be.

Elizabeth: Well, I am busy, busy, busy. I am working part time at our church as the Assistant Coordinator for Paid Events. The children and I are at church Wed, Thurs, and Sat right now on top of when we attend on Sunday evening. I am part of the leadership team for our Recovery ministry. I also pick up a shift here and there at our gym. I am truly blessed to have to places that work with me, my children, and our crazy schedule to work when I can. I am also finding myself struggling to be the wife and mother that God desires me to be. Please pray for me in this area.

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