Sunday, September 23, 2007


So, I am not that big on traditions...and I think that is because we have to be so flexible with Gabe's schedule that it is hard to make a tradition that can stick when it comes to holidays especially. Well, I have decided in the past several months that I am going to keep the tradition that my mother was able to first get established with us. She ALWAYS baked and decorated an elaborate birthday cake for us each year. The only time it was store bought, was if we asked....I don't think any of us did.

Well, I have taken over her creativity in the cake department, and it was easy to start since she gave me 10 of her character cake pans. I started with Perryn's Princess Aurora cake for her birthday and I have just completed my second one for my late friend Dimi's 4th daughter, Jessica. As many of us always know, there are some things of our parents that we just don't want to carry on. Most things can be of the negative....abuse, bad habits, whatever, and sometimes we find that the silly little traditions that we had to do (and probably didn't honestly understand) when we were little are things we aren't going to pass onto our children. But creativity, I LOVE and will work very hard to pass onto my children.

I am so happy that my mother started the tradition of making our birthday cakes and that I have chosen to carry this one on. I love to be creative, from scrapbooking to cake decorating. I find being creative to be the most relaxing and stress reducing thing I can do.
So, thank you Mom, for all your encouragement and knowledge that you are passing on to me that I can use to be creative with cakes like I am with scrapbooks. Thank you for your advice and your wisdom. I love you.

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