Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thank you, Cookie Monster

October is Pastor Appreciation month, so Perryn and I made our GREAT Preschool Staff at church a Cookie Monster Cake!!! Perryn could have chosen from a ragdoll, a bear, or Cookie Monster, and this is what she chose. We delivered the cake this morning, but everyone was out to lunch or at a meeting. What a surprise they will have when they get back!!P.S. Gabe and I are thinking maybe we should start a cake business. Anyone agree? Would you hire me?? Blessings.

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Them Chandlers said...

You're really good at those cakes!!

Kristyn said...

Hey! I didn't know that y'all had a blog...found yours through the Chandler's! I know y'all had a long day today, but just wanted to thank you for always taking such great care of Preston.
oh, and yes I think you should start a cake business. I would buy!

Shannon said...

Totally cute cake, my dear!!! IT turned out AWESOME!!!!GREAT JOB!!!

thosetonnes said...

I think a cake business is in your cards. That was so cute!

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