Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WWE (World Wrestling Engelhardts)

Here's coming to you a few days late from the back room of apt 1224. Our location is top secret since this is an underground wrestling league. As you will see in these surprising photos, the big guy, aka:'DADDY E', is taking on the little fellow, aka: 'MR. T.' At the end of this article you will find a bootlegged copy of actual video footage of these two daring wrestlers in the throws of competition. Please keep this under wraps, we don't want an investigation.....Here you see 'Mr. T' has a bit of the upper hand, until 'Daddy E' lifts him off the bed!!!
'Daddy E' takes a cheap shot and throws 'Mr. T' backwards!!Unfortunately, 'Daddy E' wins the match by using an illegal pillow to take down 'Mr. T'. 'Mr. T.' hit the mattresses laughing hysterically and didn't come back up for a good 3 seconds. The referee called the match and sent 'Mr. T.' to bed!

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