Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Freaking Out!!

So, I woke up at 6 am on Friday to get ready to take Teagan to a 7:15 allergy appointment to see if we could get a handle on his eczema. Well, after I stepped out of the shower, I looked up because something caught my eye and found THIS!! A scorpion had been hanging out and walking around on the wall ABOVE my head while I was showering! IIICCCKKKK Gabe and I haven't seen one of these bad boys since high school back in the mid '90s. He sure did bring back memories, but not any we really wanted to remember!!

Gabe actually sprayed him with wasp spray, to knock him off the wall, and then we drowned him in the tub!! Gabe went to put him in a butter container and he moved (I swear I watched this thing take his LAST breath!!), so he got a pair of tongs and squished him a bit more. We had the bug guy come out, but we were running an errand when he stopped by. He was gracious enough to take the butter container with the scorpion in it. So long, we will
NOT be missing him.

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