Saturday, November 3, 2007

Feeling silly and we have a 'bug'

So, we have joined a new gym, LA Fitness, it is much closer and not so busy like LTF. Although, I LOVE LTF, we have officially parted ways. So, at LAF, they have a hip hop dance class. I have NEVER taken one dance lesson. As long as we were going VERY slow, I kept up and could do the dance moves, but as soon as we went to the tempo of the music, I looked like a flailing something or other. I am sore though, which means I will be really sore tomorrow. But I had SO MUCH fun, LAUGHING at myself that I came away from the class much less stressed. Woohoo, it did it's job. I can't wait to go back next Friday night....what's a happily married woman of 2 supposed to do on a Friday night when her husband is it's Hip Hop class.

It seems we have a bug at our house to top off our Friday night. Teagan has had some not so nice diapers and a bit of the snuggle bug this morning. Didn't want me to do anything else but sit in the recliner and rock....lasted a good 10 min if I count all the time together. Perryn didn't eat supper and was very whiney this evening, so she went to bed early. Gabe wasn't home more than 20 min when we heard the blood curdling scream....he went to check on her....she had puked. ICKY...I am SO glad he is in the medical field, because he gets to clean it. We had to run the wet vac at 11:30 due to the amount...sorry tmi.

Please pray for our sickly family. That whatever this bug is won't last. I have to make a cake for Sunday, so I will be scrubbing this place down, top to bottom tomorrow....bad for business, or I will see what I can do to find an alternative place to make my cake. Night.

I can't seem to get the paragraphs to separate....anybody know why??

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