Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I miss Perryn. She is such a light in my day. She is spending the week with my sister in Austin and I have talked to her on the phone and the webcam, but I still miss her terribly. I think that it is good that she went to spend some time in Austin, it gives me a chance to realize how much I lover her, to take a breath when she challenges me, and to also remember what a great creation God has made in her. I miss her jokes, her singing, her great belly laughs, the odd things that she says, her quick wit, her hugs, her kisses, her smile, her enthusiasm for life, her energy, and the list could go on. I can't wait to go get her on Friday. I know that she is being well cared for and she is having a ton of fun, but I still miss her terribly. I know that Teagan and Gabe miss her too. We can't wait to see her!!Here we are enjoying her tea set that she got last Christmas!! Oh the memories!!

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Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

ah, so sweet. can't wait for tea parties!

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