Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks Grammy!!!

Gabe went to Austin yesterday for an interview with the Seton Hospital Systems. It went very well and we should hear something before Christmas. He stopped by his mom's on the way back home to visit for a moment and came home with a "Hide and Seek Combo". It is MASSIVE...I had to rearrange the furniture (the love seat is not blocking the fireplace and the chair is up against the wall.), but they sure are having fun!! Thanks Grammy for such fun and cool gift.

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Kristyn said...

that looks like the coolest toy EVER!!! the closest thing I got to that as a kid was bed sheets thrown over the furniture. ;)
btw, just saw that you're reading dave ramsey...I love his show on a.m.570!!!

Them Chandlers said...

that looks like fun!!

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