Sunday, November 11, 2007

He keeps me on my toes....

Wow, I knew that raising a boy was going to be different, but I guess I didn't realize that there were going to be days where I just couldn't keep up with him!!! There are so many differences between Perryn and Teagan and one of the biggest ones is NO FEAR. He is precious and I love him to death, and sometimes I wonder when we will be making our first trip to the ER for stitches, a CT scan, an MRI, or something....Here is a picture of my beloved son the way he is everyday.......very laid back.
Here's where I found him AFTER bath time on Friday night. We had moved into the Living room to get dried off and lotioned up....he was first, Perryn was second. I came to put the towels back on the racks and found this....YES HE IS IN THE SINK!!!!! Got there all by himself.
And then here he is singing and dancing....The first time for the singing...

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