Friday, December 21, 2007

The 'girls'

The Little Village Ministry at church took me to lunch yesterday to say thanks and 'farewell'. We had such a good time with fellowship and community. I am really going to miss your great smiles and loving attitudes when we leave. Thank you for my lunch and my gift card. Thank you for all that you have meant in my life as well as my children's lives. You guys ROCK!!

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luke baublet said...

we are really going to miss you guys! take care of yourselves, and keep this blog going so we know how you are doing!

David Campbell said...

Um, I am just going to have to pretend that you guys are just "out of town":) I do not deal well with goodbyes...I will miss you terribly and hope that you keep this blog up so that we can see the amazing things that our sweet King has planned for your family.
You are loved.

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