Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Oh, how I love my Teagan. He is in the new phase of kissing. He gives the greatest 'smack' kisses where there is the kissing 'sound'. He can't just kiss me on one cheek or on one side of my hand he has to kiss me on both cheeks or both the top of my hand and my palm. Most of the time, he gives me kisses without me asking, but sometimes he won't give the kiss either. When I ask him for hug after my kisses, he opens his arms up real wide and tries to wrap them all the way around me.

Cars...he is so into cars. He really started enjoying them a couple of weeks ago. He is so funny with them. He goes off and plays with them by himself for 30 min-an hour, he will play with Perryn or Gabe, or he will grab my hand and pull me to play with him as well. He will make all things into his 'road'..tables, chairs, floors, arms, legs, heads, bodies, etc. He will line them up all facing the same direction like a train or he will park them all facing the same way..the right way. Sometimes, he will put a pile of cars in Perryn's baby stroller and take them for a walk around the apartment, in circles around the kitchen or shows them the different rooms. IF you even come close to touching his cars while he is in the 'zone' he will throw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen.

Love, there is such a special place in my heart for Teagan. I know it sound strange, but it seems like I almost have a different love for him than I do for Perryn. I love BOTH of my children equally, but he has captured something different in me. He even likes me to play 'rough' with him when Gabe is working. But don't misunderstand...Daddy rocks when daddy is at home!!! He also is always saying 'bye-bye daddy' whenever we leave, but I don't get a 'bye-bye mommy' yet.

I felt it was only fitting to let you into a glimpse of my love for Teagan since I told you how much I love and missed Perryn over the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy some fun pictures of Teagan!!

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