Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hmmm...some thoughts

In all the stress of getting things together for our move, I realize that I am more overwhelmed than normal and having a hard time containing my frustrations. I often wonder why I feel like I am failing as a parent and if there is any way to remedy the feelings. I look at my aunt and admire her so much with her four children that are so well behaved and knowledgeable. I long to be a mom like she is, and yet I find myself so far away. I look forward to utilizing her knowledge more when we get settled in in Round Rock.

While surfing all the blogs, I came across this mommy's version of 'The Night Before Christmas', and now I have been thinking a lot. I have to maintain my composure and be the best mom that God has intended me to be. I need to show my children what a Godly mother and wife look like. I must admit, I am failing horribly at it. I tend to forget the 'strategies' that work with parenting my two precious treasures that make my life NOT so stressful and overwhelming. I am constantly a work in progress. I love the saying in recovery, "It's progress, not perfection." This is so true and if I can make progress with my parenting, then I am already doing better than before.

On a side note: We have finally found a place to live!! Thank you, Lord for being faithful to us! We are still working out the details, but it should be taken care of by Friday morning.

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thosetonnes said...

God will provide. I could say just trutst im him , but that is what ever one says. Tust is the Lord wants I know he will give you the desire of your life and it doesn't' have to be prefect.

thosetonnes said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I must apologize for my last comment. I am on some medication that makes me super dizzy and pretty much makes me feel like I am "drunk". That is why the comment is all messed up. But at least the comment was about God.

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