Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

So here is what Perryn and I came downstairs to this morning:Perryn got the monkey and a note, I got the red card. They were so delicately propped up against our centerpiece on our dining table. I know that Gabe and I sometimes have a hard time seeing eye to eye on all things of this world, but we have never doubted our love for each other.

My dad took me on a 'date' last night. It was the first one I think I have been on with him since before we got married. We would go on them all the time when I was in high school and college. And true to his nature, he only gave me a couple hours notice that the date was taking place. I enjoyed the time I had with him, my mom babysat, and I got to hear about his passion for his area food pantry that he heads up in Giddings.

But this morning, to find a sweet and silly Valentine's card on my dining table from Gabe made this a very memorable and good way to start the day. My love language is gifts and as much I LOVE to GIVE gifts, I also like to get them periodically and the more sporadic and unpredictable when they come the more I feel loved. So, on this insane day that has been commercialized for everyone to 'show' their love, I feel the most loved just by getting a sweet card from my handsome husband. It's hard to believe that in 5 weeks we will be married for 11 YEARS!!!

Happy Valentine's Day aka: Happy LOVE day!!

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