Saturday, February 9, 2008

Perryn's Birthday

So today is Perryn's 4th birthday and we celebrated in official Little Mermaid style. She was very worried once we moved to Round Rock that she would NOT have any friends at her party; however, little did she know that Gabe and I still have some friends here that now have children of their own. I think she had a blast!!

We hosted the party here at our new apartment and we were able to have everyone in with a little space to spare!!! It was fun to host our first big thing in our new place. Check out the fun. Of course, I did make the cake. Go here to see it! I think it came out REALLY good.

Cousin Faith, Perryn, new friend Faith and new friend Serah.

Perryn opening gifts. If you look REALLY closely you can see that my brother used duct tape to keep the paper together!! Whatever it takes, right?

Happy Birthday, Noodle. Daddy, Teagan, and I love you a lot!

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The Mays Family said...

Happy Birthday Perryn. Have a a wonderful day. Love from Mr Parker, Miss Caroline, Rebecca and Brooke.

The Mays Family said...

Hey Sorry I have not returned our call, I have been crazy busy. Anyway I did not get pictures of the wedding but I will get some from my friend Stephanie and try to put them on my blog.

Wendi said...

How Adorable! I know I've been out of touch...we never did get our holiday letter sent, oh well. The Christmas pics were adorable - thanks for remembering us - they are on the fridge. And by the way, You look great! Hope you're enjoying central Texas again...we'll let you know if we're ever's been a long while.

Shannon said...

What a fun party! Looks like she is totally enjoying herself! And it looks like there's a skinny mama in the background! You go girl!
Love and hugs,

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