Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been tagged....

So, my friend Shannon has tagged me to let you know a little bit more about myself. So here it goes....

10 years ago:
We had just moved to Dallas on Valentine's Day. So, I was busy unpacking and working at Foley's (aka:Macy's now). Our first apartment was off of Royal Ln on Manderville Ln. We did NOT live there longer than 6 months....we were what one would call living in the ghetto!!

Things on my to-do list today:
Wash, fold, and put away ALL the laundry, grocery store, a run to Joann Fabrics to use my President's day coupon on some clearance Cuddlebug die cuts and embossing templates, run to Walmart to get meds, gym for spinning class, bathe my children, cook dinner.

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
We would tithe the first 10%, pay off the debt, fund the college funds, buy a house, put some in savings, and help the 'building' fund at The Village Church, and then give some away to be determined at a later date.

Three of my bad habits:
I am a bit of procrastinator...I think I am getting a bit better though. I have a hard time with follow through when it comes to reading some books, sticking with a specific 'discipline game plan' for the children. And not fretting or 'worrying' about things that are not in my control.

Five jobs I have had:
1. Waitress at the Olive Garden.
2. Assistant Bridal Consultant at Foley's.
3. Special Ed Teacher in LISD...ick
4. Childcare worker at Lifetime Fitness
5. Bagger and Checker at HEB grocery store

Five things people don't know about me:
1. I got a 64o TOTAL on my SATs...I know what you are thinking, "Surely that is just the math section or the verbal section", but no it is the TOTAL SCORE.
2. My elementary PE teacher is now my mother-in-law.
3. I have received the Gold Award in Girl Scouts, which is equivalent to the Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts. I removed 6 ft of concrete at my high school and put in a wheel chair ramp. The ramp is still there, but they moved a bit when they remodeled the high school gym.
4. I gained 60 pounds each time I was pregnant! I am still working on losing the last 15 pounds I gained with Perryn.
5. I helped my dad one fall umpire a high school baseball game. I think I was a senior in high school and he passed me off as a college freshman because the other umpire didn't show up. My dad had to put his hand on his head and point to the actual position I needed to stand in before the game could go on.

Ok, so now I tag Kristen T., Caroline, Lauren, Rebekah, Natalie, Kristyn H, and Keri

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Kacy said...

congrats on the SAT score! I think that is awesome.

Them Chandlers said...

I'll get on this when we get back from our trip :)

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