Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A weekend of friends and family

So on Saturday evening we went to South Austin to see my great-aunt and uncle and their two children and one granddaughter. They had come in from Huntington Beach California for a few days to visit with my great-uncle's mother. Rebekah and Mark had Addison in May, they are expecting a new baby in June of this year. This was the first time any of us got to meet Addison and see everyone since Rebekah and Mark's wedding 5 years ago.

Perryn and Addison.
Sam, Stephen, and Jake having a jam session.
Do we have a drummer in our future?
Perryn with one of her favorite cousins, Parker.

Then on Sunday afternoon after church we were invited to lunch and fun at some very dear friends of ours in Leander. Donnie and his son Matt, sang in our wedding. Donnie was also our College and Career Sunday School teacher right after we graduated high school and before we got married. I keep joking with Gabe that Donnie and his family are treating us like the 'prodigal' children who have returned home. They have been so gracious and loving to us for the past 13 years and we are so grateful to get to see them more often now.

Perryn and the girls on the tire swing. Perryn wasn't too sure about this.
Donnie and Gabe playing a 'horseshoe' type game.
Matt and Tim
Perryn and her new friends on the swing.

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Shannon said...

Aw man! You guys look like you're having so much fun with extended family & friends! (okay, I'm just a little envious) And I am so glad things are really looking up for you.
Tell Gabe it's good to see a smile on his face!! ;)
Love ya,

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