Tuesday, March 25, 2008

black eye, anniversary, easter

Ok, so we have had one busy week here. Seems like it's everything I can do to keep caught up in a day. So here it goes for an update as to what is going on...

As most of you remember, Teagan was kind of enough to give me a black eye for my 31st birthday. So here's the update....It is healing quite nicely and hasn't gotten any worse than the picture on the right.

Wed - 1st day after being hit Sat - a bit greener, but not too bad!!

I found myself a bit under the weather last week, I am not sure if it was a small bout of depression or a side effect from being hit in the eye. I had to get out of the house on Friday, so I called my mom and she said to head her direction. I also sweetly asked if the children could spend the weekend with them and she agreed. So off to Giddings we went for some fun. (On a side note, I figured out on the way we live approximately 75 miles away and can get there in about an hour. When we lived in Lewisville, we were probably 40 miles away from my grandparents in Fort Worth and got there in the same amount of time.) Anyways, back to Giddings....we got to Giddings in time for some afternoon dessert, and then off to Nana and Big Daddy's house. I went shopping at my dad's store and got to get some new clothes (thanks dad) while Teagan took a nap, then we headed over to Walmart where my dad got a trampoline. Yes, my children got to jump on a trampoline all day on Saturday and I think they are still trying recuperate from using all that energy.

So, my parents took care of Perryn and Teagan so that Gabe and I could celebrate our 11th anniversary together. (If some of you don't know us as well as you thought and you are trying to do some math, I was 20 for 4 days when we got married!!) So for the second weekend in a row we got to just spend time with each other. We hung out, watched movies, and went house hunting....still in the looking phase. I really did love just hanging out with Gabe, which we haven't gotten to do in a long time. Hopefully, we will get to hang out more often now that we are closer to family.

On Sunday, we headed back to Giddings to get Perryn and Teagan and then headed off to Seguin to celebrate Easter with Gabe's family. We had an egg hunt at his grandmother's house and then another one across the street at his dad's house. We scored candy and money. Candy at Omie's house and coins at Gabe's dad's house. I think Perryn and Teagan got $2-3 in coins each in their eggs. It was good to see everyone at both places. Some of the family we haven't seen in many years.

Lastly, Perryn started T-ball last night, so we will have our first game on April 5th. I didn't get any pictures, because I had to chase Teagan all around the field. She is a genuine lefty....and her daddy is so proud. Until next time...please enjoy our Easter slide show!!!

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thosetonnes said...

Seriously your black eye is not that bad. I have a bruise on my leg that is greener. But it is on your eye and it probably hurt pretty bad. Glad you had a good weekend!

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