Wednesday, March 19, 2008

our week in pictures...

So here is what we have done in the last week in pictures....Wed, we went to my grandmother's house for a visit and for me to clean a bit for her. While I clean, they entertain Teagan and Perryn. Thursday, we went to the park with my friend Bethany and her daughters, they then came back to our apartment for grilled cheese and quesadillas....we had a blast. Friday we went to Giddings to help with the food pantry, my sister took the children home with her so Gabe and I could celebrate our anniversary a week early since it falls Easter weekend. We picked the kids up on Sunday and headed to Liberty Hill for a birthday dinner with Gabe's celebrate his birthday on the 4th and mine on the 18th....The pictures are in random order and I played with some of them to alter them a bit. Hope you like them!!

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