Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For Tricia...

......and my children, here are the ten things I love about being a mom in no particular order...

1. The randomness of thoughts, for example, popcorn trees.

2. Dressing herself, today was the Halloween sweatshirt and blue jeans (I was able to convince her to wear plain jeans and not ones with pink designs on them).

3. Red Curly hair that I have to spray no more tangles in because of bedhead EVERY morning...no exceptions...btw~to her, her hair is blonde NOT red. She is constantly correcting everyone that comments on her hair and she keeps changing her mind as to when her hair will be red.?.?

4. Playing 'mommy' by sitting in my rocker and 'nursing' her baby doll...(Perryn actually did this for her dad, who called me freaking out!)

5. Painting finger nails...even when they are so small one dip in the nail polish bottle does an entire hand.

6. Having 'diva' moments of being a show-off and grabbing EVERYONE'S attention in the room. But in the same day showing undeniable kindness as she also passed out balloons this day to everyone she saw so they could enjoy them too.

7. Helping me in the kitchen and having unplugged days of craftiness

8. Having a 'snuggle bug' in the house.

9. Repeating my discipline words back to me, ie: "Mommy, I think you need some alone time in your room." or "You are draining my energy." (All key tips in Love and Logic: Early Childhood)

10. Having a 'blowout' in public and we have NO extra clothes in the diaper bag since we had to use them earlier.....it's WAY windy and cold out and we are at Chilis to eat, your husband and other child in the restraunt already at a table, while you nursed the baby real quick, not knowing what has taken place in the car...poor baby was covered in only the nursing blanket.

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thosetonnes said...

I can't wait to be a mom, and get to experience all the randomness of having children. Popcorn trees would be great.

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