Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ramblings of a 4 yr old....

So, Perryn has been asking to eat popcorn for a couple of days now and today we finally were able to make it. She came back to me when her bowl was done and we had this conversation...

Perryn: Mommy, I am going to add my popcorn seeds to yours ok?

Me: Ok.

Perryn: Wait!! How about we don't throw away these popcorn seeds and we plant them so that we can have popcorn trees!!

I am not sure how I responded other than giggling.

On a side note, let me know what you think about the following picture. I have been longing to do something fun with the pictures we take other than putting them in our scrapbook (that I haven't started yet). An acquaintance of ours, Angel, revealed that she used Photo Editor for her fun pictures. I was looking into that and asking my great friend Shannon, who is a photography and scrapbooking GENIUS, about photo editor and she came back for me with picnik, so I am experimenting. Let me know what you think...please.

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