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Here's how it works

**UPDATE:As of 3:45 CST,  I am now sitting at $581 of the needed $2500, thank you for giving.**

First off, thank you every one that has donated up to today.  Right now, I sit at $436 since I last posted an update.  You have generously given $30 in the last 24 hours.  People, this is NOT enough,  I need to raise the $2500 and here's why: 

I feel like I haven't really conveyed to you what your sponsorships will be going to help when I say, "Help rescue girls out of brothels."  Well, here is a post from the CEO of Children's HopeChest, Tom Davis, talking about the sale of virgins.  **Please note, that below is an example of the type of evil, and not the actual rescue you would be funding with the money you send towards my sponsorship.  Make sure you put in "Elizabeth's1/2" in the notes section of the giving page.  Click HERE to give OR click this button in the article to give through Paypal, make sure you designate it's for "Elizabeth's 1/2" here as well. 

How to make a profit selling virgins for sex

Wednesday July 21, 2010

*UPDATE* Children's HopeChest has raised the full amount needed for this project. If you are still motivated to give, we will use your donation for similar projects within our ministry.*It's apparently very simple.

First, you establish yourself as a respected community leader who heads up a women's rights group in India. This will solidify your reputation as someone who protects and defends young girls.

Next, you need to really specialize in something to keep the customers coming back for more. You need, as the marketers call it, a "unique value proposition." You decide to focus on virgin girls. Highly prized and more expensive than girls with experience.

For clientele, you cater to corrupt police officials, local authorities, and the occasional visiting VIP or dignitary. That way, you'll always remain safe from raids and prosecutions.

Last, and most importantly, you need a good supply of virgins. For that you have an arrangement with the local boarding school for girls. Potential customers browse through your photo book of potential child sex victims. Once they make their choice, you bring the girls to your brothel to be raped for profit. 

Sadly, this true story is unfolding right now in India. 

A well-respected women's leader and her husband run a trafficking and prostitution ring specializing in virgins and young girls. The description above is true in its details, documented by our partners in India.

A rescue operation is in the works, and I am raising funds through this blog to free as many girls as we can. Will you help us?

They have documented at least five minors--all girls--being held as slaves. The rescue plan involves using the local television station to expose the operation, and thereby force the police to conduct the raid.

Will you join me in supporting this rescue operation? Here are the details:

*UPDATE* Children's HopeChest has raised the full amount needed for this project. If you are still motivated to give, we will use your donation for similar projects within our ministry.*

Rescue Operation: $1,250 - ($125 per girl we plan to rescue)
If we successfully rescue 10 girls, that's just $125 per child saved. This involves setting up the rescue operation, getting the investigative team in place, coordinating with the media and police, and conducting the raid itself. Even if $1,250 rescued only one girl, it would be far worth the investment.

Rescue Kits for Each Girl: $450 - ($45 per girl up to 10 girls)
These kits are the first step in restoring a girl's dignity. They contain clothing and personal hygiene supplies. The girls are taken immediately to a government after-care facility, and these kits provide each girl with needed supplies for the long journey ahead.

Professional Social Worker: $6,000 - Salary for 12 months
Once in the government after-care home, our partners will send a Christian social worker to meet with each of the girls and begin to counsel them toward long-term recovery. Until the girls are allowed to leave that facility, our partners will provide consistent biblical counseling from a licensed and educated social worker. Providing this victims' advocate is critical because in many cases girls are returned to the parents or relatives who sold them to the brothel in the first place.

Our goal is to rescue up to ten girls. Although in a similar attempt a few weeks ago, only one girl was freed from her captors. 
I will keep you posted, and encourage you to continue to pray, to spread the word, and to give as you are able.

Here are two ways you can be involved:

Join our Prayer Conference Call TodayOur prayer team, iFast58, will pray for this operation on their weekly sex trafficking prayer call. Please join them today (July 21) at 1:30pm Eastern Time.  Call 760-569-9000 ID: 968101. If you can't make the call, please commit to pray for this rescue.

Make a Gift to the India Rescue OperationClick the donate button at the top of this post to make a gift toward this rescue operation. A gift of any size will make a difference. Give even $5 to stop this horror. A $45 gift buys one girl a rescue kit. A $125 donation helps rescue one girl (if we are successful in freeing 10 children). A $500 gift pays for after-care social work for the girls. Make a gift today. All donations are processed by PayPal and received by Children's HopeChest, a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. We are members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability also. For more information about our ministry, please visit http://hopechest.org.

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Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/redletters/2010/07/how-to-make-a-profit-selling-virgins-for-sex.html#ixzz12ox3ThrT

**Help me raise the money to rescue these girls.  I keep thinking, what if it's MY daughter, I would want someone to find a way to rescue her, to help her.  Please help by donating whatever amount you can to rescue someone else's daughter.  Make sure you designate it go to "ELIZABETH'S 1/2" or we won't be able to rescue these girls.**

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