Sunday, October 3, 2010

Together for Adoption Conference

So this weekend, Gabe and I attended the Together for Adoption Conference that was held right here in Austin.   Gabe was sick and missed the first day of the conference, but I got to enjoy it.  I'm still trying to process all that has been put in my brain along with figuring out what I missed, where to go find it, but more importantly what does God want me to do with the information that I received this weekend.  So, right's where my heart and my mind are in regards to reflecting over the last two days.

Part of me has walked away from the conference with more questions than answers.  I can't decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing right now.  I think I wanted to go into the conference and get a "When God tells you to go adopt, here's what it will look like, here's what you need to do, here's the child you will get, etc, etc, etc.".  I did NOT get that.  I got some information about how to fund an adoption, how much it will most likely cost, where I can adopt from, but more importantly what we as the church need to do to help the orphan.

I also had to a heart check on Friday night.  You see, I went into the conference very excited to meet lots of faces that I feel like I have gotten to really know online, but not ever met.  I got to hug friends that I have known for years, and meet lots of new friends.  I got to meet THE Tom Davis (he wrote Red Letters, Fields of the Fatherless, Scared, and Priceless).  I got to meet warrior girls and people I follow on Twitter.  I had to do a heart check to make sure I wasn't at the conference to use it as a social 'hookup' to meet others.   I also had to check my heart because I was so frustrated that Gabe was sick and wasn't able to get in on the information that I was getting at the same time.

Right now, here's what I came away with from T4Acon.  I learned that even though we haven't adopted yet, we can still love and support those who have or are currently in the process of adopting.  God revealed today that the way I can support them is not only by praying for them, but helping those who need to raise the funds to adopt.

You see I have this very tiny creations business and I don't make any money with it.  Right now, it's standing idle, not blessing anyone.  Guess what God revealed to me today as I was saying good bye to some of my new warrior girl friends?  "Help bless Laurie with her upcoming adoption.  Create for her, so she can bring her beautiful, blue eyed, daughter home from Russia."   I can so do that.  All, Laurie has to do is let me know when she needs my cards.

I also found out that Children's HopeChest got a grant and they are creating software to help tie people into the causes that they are passionate about.  Guess what?  Not only am I passionate about orphans, but God has put child trafficking on my heart too.  So, just like my blog title says, "I run for....." Once this software becomes available, it will allow me to fundraise for my races in an easier manner by me being able to keep up with what I've raised and not having to rely on information from others.

I also realized this weekend...I need to get my passport.  I need to be ready to GO, whenever God calls me to.  I've already said yes, but how can I go, if I don't have things ready when the call comes?

Please know, that I am not done processing all that God is asking of me.  My prayer is that I don't have 'church camp high' and it leave in a matter of weeks.  I want this feeling of passion to help others to stay on fire and for people to know that it's all about God.  Please pray for me in that regard.


Me, Julie Gumm, Tom Davis, Amy Block, and Angel Weir at the blogger meet up at T4A.

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