Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Family Birthday

So, growing up, I always enjoyed family birthdays!! I don't really remember birthday parties with just friends, it was always with family. Anyways, Saturday was my dad's 54th birthday, so we loaded up and traveled an hour south to Giddings. And yes, I made the cake, but you have to wait to see it until the end. Here are some great family pictures of the day spent celebrating my dad's (aka: Big Daddy to Perryn and Teagan)birthday.

Big Daddy, Perryn, and Teagan wrestling.
A Hat show with Teagan...he went back and forth between this one(Big Daddy's) and Paw-paw's.
Nana, Maw-maw, and Perryn.
Paw-paw, Maw-maw, and Uncle Josh watching presents being opened.
Perryn and me
Paw-paw at the end of his game of chase with Perryn and Teagan who are still chasing each other.
Teagan in Paw-paw's hat.
Perryn helping Big Daddy open his present faster so that she can get cake sooner.
Uncle Josh, Perryn, and Izzy
Maw-maw and Perryn riding their stick horses, stop for a picture.And finally, last but not least the cake. Please go here to see the cake and the story behind it.

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lauren w said...

so fun! i love love love birthdays! i don't know what it is about them i just think they are great! and family parties are the best! such a cute family you have :) love the pic on the upper right hand corner

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