Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good-bye Lewisville, Hello Round Rock

Our cable and internet will be turned off on Friday and hooked up again on Monday sometime, so I am posting the progress and good-bye now.....

Well, we go to pick up the moving truck tomorrow morning. I am trying not to panic too much since right now we really don't have any muscles other than Gabe's and his brother's to move the heavy furniture out on Saturday. It will work, we are going to get as many boxes into the truck tomorrow as possible and then we just have to load the big stuff on Saturday. My friends Kecia and Lea will be here Friday morning to help.

We are planning on heading out by noon on Saturday, to be in Round Rock by 3ish. We will unload the truck when we get there, and then crash from exhaustion. Perryn and Teagan have been with my sister since Sunday, so they will bring them Sunday after naptime. Woohoo...we miss them terribly!!!!

As soon as we get internet up on Monday, I will post so that you all know that we made it safely and what the apartment looks like (boxes and all), then I will post again when I have it livable.

To all of you that we have been able to give hugs to and say good-bye, yea...we will miss you terribly. To those who we haven't been able to hook up with, I'm sorry, but please know that we will miss you terribly and will keep the blog up to date.

Love to you all, you have truly been our extended family.
The Engelhardts

P.S. We are pulling out between 11 and 12 on Saturday. Please feel free to stop by, text, or call to say good-bye before we leave. Love you all!!

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thosetonnes said...

I hope that the move was successful. Moving is always difficult. I pray that the Lord makes the transition as smooth as possible. Yay for seeing the kids again, that is fun!

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